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We are a team of legal marvericks who, through the provision of Legal Information, Technology and Consultancy services, are charting a new course in the Legal Profession.

Hello, I’m Fedden— Managing Consultant

Fedden Mainga Mukwata, B. Juris, LLB (UNAM) is an admitted Legal Practitioner, Mediator, Notary Public, Writer, and founder of FASZ Legal Consultancy CC (FASZ) and Lex Academy Namibia CC.  Mr. Mukwata’s vision is to improve access to law and justice by linking the legal profession to the public using technology, information, and processes. To this end, Mr. Mukwata has intentionally undertaken and continues to take, courses in various fields, which, combined with his academic qualifications, the experience of 10 years in the legal profession, and being technologically savvy, uniquely places him in a position to render the kind of services FASZ offers. Visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/feddenmukwata for a full view of Mr. Mukwata’ skills, qualifications, licenses, and certifications.

Hello, I’m Fadzai— Legal Technologist & Managing Consultant

Ms Fadzai Musodza holds a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from the University of Namibia.  Ms Musodza’s versatility extends beyond the legal realm. In the domain of digital marketing and graphic design, Ms Musodza served as the Marketing Director of the Patience Masua Foundation, where her marketing acumen played a pivotal role in advancing the organization’s mission. In Addition to this, she served as the Marketing Director of the Unam Law Students Council. Currently, Ms Musodza serves as the Legal Technologist to deliver innovative legal solutions. Her role extends beyond the position of Legal Technologist, as she also serves as a Managing Consultant.

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